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The Art Museum of Nowhere-Greek and Roman Art

The Art Museum of Nowhere is a virtual museum curated by the artist, consisting of screen-captured images grabbed from online museum archives. The video piece functions as a documentary of the virtual museum, as well as a viewer's online navigation history. While watching the video, the audience is positioned to be a viewer that walks through curated museum galleries, but at the same time a voyeur that peeps someone browsing online.

Blurring the boundary between the web interface and museum physical space creates a sense of ambiguity, and so do the audio, which indicates the museum ambient and an interior that the person who is browsing the virtual museum stays in. Virtual objects and sound effects added to the original screen-captured image are interventions that create another layer on the original museum display. To continue the project, diverse museum galleries will be included according to the artist's personal browsing behavior and interest.

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