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Shanzhai: Reproduced Reproduction
Polyurethane, glow-in-the-dark pigments

Shanzhai: Reproduced Reproduction is a series of glow in the dark sculptures made of polyurethane. It explores the expanded meaning of shanzhai 山寨, the Chinese word commonly refers to knockoffs. Although the word may imply a negative meaning at the surface level, shanzhai products carry features of fast renewal speed, localized design, and flexible options. Its ignorance of the copyright law and intellectual property rights challenges the monopolized companies who control the full resources over the globalized market. A pair of sneakers mixes the Nike logo with Adidas design symbolize a democratic system that resists against the existing one.

The toy-like sculptures were digitally fabricated using knockoff merchandise as the original source. The knockoffs were turned into 3D models through photogrammetry and then modeled and assembled in 3D softwares. The modified 3D models were sliced and printed on foams with the CNC milling machine and later on turned into silicon molds for casting.

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