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Glorious Endlessness
3D Animation

Glorious Endlessness is a reflection on the phenomenon of the increasing amount of ghost cities in China, which attract the artist's attention as a utopian, futuristic idea with their well-built infrastructures, post-modernist museums, huge skyscrapers, and monumental public sculptures.

Through constructing a virtual ghost city and inserting representative objects, a series of questions is raised relate to the value of a city. What does a newly built city mean if it is abandoned before any citizens have moved in? What are the differences between a live city, a ruined city, and a ghost city? When an endless circulation of discovery, construction, and demolition occurs in the process of city construction, what is lost and to what extent human civilization has been changed are hard to be defined. The piece was shown at Sullivan Galleries as part of the Fall 2014 School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show.

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